About Us

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Support Services for Lancaster County Workers, their Families, and Friends

Information & Referral Services providing information to workers in the community assisting them in solving the problems todays’ workers encounter in our changing economic environment.

CareerLink Referral Specialist is an integral part of the Lancaster County CareerLink providing job search assistance as well as information on obtaining basics such as food, shelter and clothing.  Referrals are also made to other social service agencies by the Information Referral Specialist that CSOL has placed at the Lancaster County CareerLink.

Rapid Response – CSOL is a participant in the Governor’s Rapid Response Team, involved in providing Human and Social Services information to workers when their workplaces experience downsizing and/or plant closings.

Counselor Training provides education for workplace leaders to aid them in developing a better understanding of social service agencies that offer assistance to their fellow workers, their families and friends in need.

AFL-CIO Blood Bank ensuring local hospitals are supplied with blood donors on a regular basis and the needs of the community are met.

Jean Martin
Executive Director